The Gallery


OK my friends and faithful fans of art. After a bit of a wait it has finally happened. I am a resident artist in a local gallery. This is a wonderful local gallery that supports local artists and talent. If you are an artist and want to possibly have a place to hang your work for a 3 month window or you are a local band that wants a 2500 sq ft location to play at, contact or go by ,The 1st Street Loft located at 502 N 1st Street, Jax Beach Fl or call and tell them i sent you  (904) 241-7848. I myself will be dropping in from time to time to switch out pieces and may even do an art class here. If anyone has any interest in art session please contact me though this websites email, look for contact info under the tab THE ARTIST to the left. 


‚ÄčThe what's happening currently in my world.

Ok, I have decided to use this section of my page to hopefully keep you all in the loop on what's going on with projects and upcoming events. I am not saying it will be a minute by minute playbook but hey its a start!! 



I will be attending most artwalks in Jacksonville beach this season. The reason i am focusing my time on Jacksonville Beach is primarily because i want to see the one there grow into something much bigger and better. To any artists out there this is a great opportunity to show you work for free.....YES I SAID FREE !!!!  This is the only event I  know of that allows artists to set up and sell for no fee. The local business owners pay for the insurance on the event and let you share their space to display your stuff.  More info is available at the following website link : 

Please attend these artwalk events, you will not only help show your support for the art community in Jacksonville but you may find something unique to add to your personal collection.  Thank you.