​Jax Beach Surf Shop Skateboard

Here is the skateboard deck i did for Tony at The Jax Beach Surf Shop. I designed and painted this deck right in front of Tony's shop during one of the artwalk events. Tony has given me permanent residence in front of his store for all the upcoming artwalk events this year.  Thanks to Tony and his staff for being so helpful !!

Tiki Surfboard 

For : Dan Brooks and Sunrise Surfshop

  This surfboard was created for Sunrise at the Shapers Luau in front of The Surf Source in Atlantic Beach Florida. I have to be honest when i say it was quite the challenge. I Sketched the design at the event, layed it out on the board, and colored it in just about 3.5 hours. While this is pretty cool as is , heres where things get interesting, It was done in 58 degree weather with mist and fog under a single light bulb. Once completed an event goer spilled beer down the entire left side of the tiki and i had to fix it in 30 min before the end of the event. In the end though i was stoked with the final outcome. Thanks again to Sunrise Surf Shop, Dan Brooks, Dick "Rozo", and THe Surf Source for the opportunity to create something awesome. 

Justice 4 Jax Longboard 

Here is another Surfboard i did the color work on. This was created for Brett Hastings for his Boardroom in his law firm. Brett is a well known lawyer in Jacksonville Beach Florida and long time surfer. He and i both had the pleasure of working for the guy in the middle of the picture ,Mike "the Wiz" Whisnant,  in our younger days of course. I was very fortunate to have won a contest that Brett put on looking for a local artist to design his board. It was a  totally cool time for the three of us, sort of a reunion as it were. As part of the unveiling Brett set up a huge event at a local watering hole Called The Green Room Brewery.  Due to the collaboration with Wiz the board was a huge success and is hanging in Bretts board room as a piece of art, i am sure it will be ridden someday in the future ! Thanks to Brett for choosing my design and Mike for the canvas to paint it on.

Clients and Events....

The Green Room Event...

Here are the items that adorned my artwork from the 2014 Kingfish Tournament in Jacksonville Fl.  I was contacted about creating a fun and cool tshirt for the kids to wear that participated in the Jr Anglers event. Thanks to Rita and the folks at the tournament for allowing me to create this great design for them. 

Jacksonville Jr Anglers Kingfish Tournament

Steve and Jen Wilster

This is a custom ordered piece i did for a great couple in Melbourne Florida. These two hard working people are now the proud new owners of one of my original hand signed paintings called " Our Surf Dogs". The story behind this piece is as cool as the new owners. Steve and Jen adopted these 2 rescue dogs and gave them a loving home. As is obvious Steve and his wife became very attached to the dogs and as a surprise gift to his wife Steve commissioned  this painting. Now here's the other cool part, Steve who spent part of his life in Jacksonville Beach decided to drive 2.5 hours and pick this piece up in person from me at my new gallery. It was a great experience to meet Steve and know my painting had deep meaning to him. Thanks again Wilsters!  

The Zombie Skate Deck

​This was a commissioned Deck done for an old high school friend as a awesome christmas gift to his son. I was stoked when Stan Ball messaged me and asked if i was interested in taking on the project. This thing flew under his sons radar for over 3 months, and with a tech savvy teen you know it wasn't easy. How radical is your dad when he custom orders a one of a kind skateboard as a gift to give his kid. Thanks again guys and i am glad he likes it !!